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Spiritual Center for Positive Living presents Living Courageously with Gary Zukav

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For Americans, and as an entire species, this is a powerful era of expanded consciousness and our responsibilities in it are becoming unmistakable. We are beginning to recognize and understand the extent to which fear controls us, and are increasingly aware that cultivating love in ourselves is the only way that we can change the world.

During this special evening talk, Gary Zukav will share how our most challenging and painful experiences are rich opportunities to transform. From a five-sensory perspective, the dissolution of a relationship, health issues, political dissension, employment uncertainty, the death of a friend, and every other "unwanted" circumstance incite feelings of grief, outrage, despondency—all rooted in a false sense of powerlessness.

Multisensory perception allows us to look within, find the sources of our fears and respond to everything we encounter with compassion and reverence for Life.

We are all becoming multisensory. This is the age of awakening and of taking responsibility for what we are creating. It is an unprecedented time offering unprecedented potential. It is a time to Live Courageously.

Recommended for audiences 18+

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