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Health and wellness of mind, body and soul.

A Good Night's Rest

Lack of Sleep is an Eye Opener

Golf Groupie

Here we are, at the precipice of another full-blown summer, anticipating the promise of so many good times to come. And as long as I don’t step onto a golf course, I’ll be fine.

Sun Burn

We may be more conscientious to lather up at the beach or on vacation, but most of us leave the house daily without a drop of SPF on our faces or bodies.

Introducing...Serenity Spa

Our vision was always to build a venue for holistic healing that incorporated much more forward thinking, and that honored both science and spirit. We wanted a beautiful place where people could go and feel that they were in a different land and time. It was vital that the focus was on a higher vision in a space of tranquility, harmony and balance. We put the design elements in that helped stage our environment and we consistently provide an unsurpassable spa experience. Our goal is to prove the healing power of human touch, and that we are passionate about it as a way of life. We will become the premier teaching facility for our industry.

Introducing...Fitness Together – Roseville

Fitness Together is a one-on-one personal training studio where clients train in their own private training suite with a trainer. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for years and always wanted to open my own business. The Fitness Together business model was exactly what I had in mind: high-quality fitness experts really helping people achieve their goals in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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