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Health and wellness of mind, body and soul.

Is Botox Right for You?

By Style, 06/06/2017, Categories: Wellness

Go with one Styler as she visits Vitality Stem Cell & Aesthetic Medicine to see if Botox is the right anti-aging solution for her.

We Tried It: KRAVE

By Debra Linn, 06/05/2017, Categories: Wellness, Today

Style’s associate publisher recently tested local salon owner, Kari Vierra’s line of dermatologist-formulated, anti-aging skin care

Facts About Float Therapy

By Kourtney Jason, 05/31/2017, Categories: In Print, Wellness, Today

Get tanked

Halotherapy 101

By Kourtney Jason, 04/25/2017, Categories: In Print, Wellness, Today

Pass the salt

7 Benefits of Indoor Cycling for Folsom, Roseville and El Dorado Hills Readers

By Kourtney Jason, 03/29/2017, Categories: In Print, Wellness, Today

Spin Me ’Round

The 10 Spot: Local Hikes in the NorCal Area

By Tara Mendanha, 03/29/2017, Categories: In Print, Wellness, Today

Wildflowers, gushing waterfalls and crisp air are abundant in our stunning Nor Cal backyard, so get out and get active with our pick of must-do hikes this spring–and don't forget the bug spray!

Ask the Experts of the Roseville Region

By Style, 03/29/2017, Categories: In Print, Wellness, Today

What is heart rate training, and how does it improve your fitness?

New Allergy Treatments for Dogs

By Style, 03/13/2017, Categories: Wellness

Does your dog keep you awake at night with constant scratching, licking, and chewing at their skin?

5 Health Myths, Debunked by Sacramento Region Experts

By Kourtney Jason, 02/22/2017, Categories: In Print, Wellness, Today

Rumor has it

The Future of Oral Care is Here, for the Roseville area and beyond! [Sponsored Content]

By Style, 02/20/2017, Categories: Wellness

Lasers Aren’t Just For Star Wars Anymore


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