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6 Baby Brands We Love

We’ve rounded up some of the best baby brands! Read on to find your new favorite—whether that’s because it’s locally made, affordable, or organic. In no particular order…

Beauty Rest: 6 Dreamy Bedding Motifs

Of all the rooms in a house, your bedroom is one of the most important. Thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest and least expensive areas to overhaul, revamp, or renew.

Home Design: Couch Potato; Sofa Styles for Every Space

When it comes to couches, trendy silhouettes come and go. Consider these five fan favorites and top designer tips when shopping for your next sofa.

Home Design: Durable Decor; 5 Stylish Pet-Proof Solutions

5 Stylish Pet-Proof Solutions

Home Design: International Interiors; Around the World in 7 Designs

Every culture has its own aesthetic when it comes to design and our homes are where we can bring those elements together. We share our favorite seven interior trends from around the world.

Simply Scandinavian: 4 Ways to Hygge Your Home

The Danish way of life, hygge, took the design world by storm last winter. It’s both a lifestyle and design trend, recognizable by its Scandinavian simplicity and homey details.

Go Green; 5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Interior: Home Design

These days, it seems like every manufacturer is claiming their products are sustainable. After reading this you’ll be able to determine whether those companies are telling the truth or not.

Squeaky Clean: 5 Spring Cleaning Essentials

Check out our list of 5 Spring Cleaning Essentials to ensure an eco-friendly, effortless, and spotless start to the season.

Home Design: Tech to Connect; 5 Smart Home Systems

Home-management systems help to streamline the process of maintaining a comfortable abode and security and energy maintenance. Here are five ways to leverage technology in your own home.

Home Design: Latest and Greatest 9 Must-Try Trends

If you’re looking to kick up your décor while staying ahead of the curve, you might find inspiration from these nine design trends.

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