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The Arts of Roseville, Granite Bay and Rocklin: Michelle Andres Beyond the Brush

“We aren’t alone in our life experiences, and I love to tap into that humanity and lay it on a canvas.”

Placer County Artist Don Antram

Coming to Light

Wood Works with Loomis Native, Lee Hinge

Whether you need a cutting board, pizza peel, feeder for Fido, or a custom design project, Hinge is up for the challenge

Sculpting Emotion with Jim Lee of Auburn

Sculptor Jim Lee creates clay portraits and figures with incredible precision and emotion

Self-Taught Artist Matt Trammel of Rocklin

Painting the town

Intuitive Painting with Nancy Polli of Placer County

Creative Freedom Reigns

Placer County Artist Paula Amerine

A Feast for the Eyes by Heather L. Becker

Multi-instrumentalist and Roseville Resident Ryan Hernandez

Musically Masterful

Blacktop Comedy Improving Lives with Laughter in Rocklin

If you’re thinking, ‘I’m not funny,’ we’ll prove you can be

Graphic Designer and Artist Phawnda Moore of Rocklin

The write stuff

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