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Introducing Patrea Bullock: The Lemon Law Expert

The “lemon law”: Not only does it require the manufacturer to repurchase cars with defects during the warranty period, but it requires the manufacturer to pay the consumer’s lawyer.

Introducing James and Joyce McNeil: The Specialists

When my wife and I were going to college, we had a desire to start a reputable green cleaning company in the area and we were led to start The Specialists.

Introducing Roseville's: Stephanie Watson; Sierra Senior Placement Services

Last year, I started my own business assisting seniors and their families throughout Placer Country in finding the most appropriate and compatible long-term care.

Introducing Roseville's: Brett McKague; McKague Rosasco LLP

We help our clients with all aspects of construction-related legal issues, including contracts, payment disputes, construction defects, and construction-related personal injuries.

Roseville Introducing: Ted Hawkins at Benchmark Strength and Conditioning

We provide a personal experience by focusing on an individual’s goals and physical abilities, ultimately making them stronger and fitter to perform everyday tasks easily and safely.

Roseville Introducing: Peyman Javidan with Javan Investgations

It’s great to meet people involved in other fields and find a middle ground where we can support each other and possibly utilize one another’s services.

Introducing: Crystal Healing Room, Tammy Adams

Each crystal has such powerful energy, and they’re waiting for you to be the first to touch them and take home.

Introducing: Geriatric Psychiatry Direct, Beverly Chang

It can be difficult to face the transitions that come with retirement, loss of physical function, memory decline, and other stresses. It’s rewarding to help families navigate these changes

Introducing: Michele Schultz

I’ve always had an interest and ability in the metaphysical, as well as a passion for service. By developing my skills as a clairvoyant, I was lead to this healing modality.

Introducing: The Fairy Godmother Events: Ashley Campbell

As Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

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