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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Slice of Heaven: 6 Best Pies

11/20/2018 10:44AM

Sweetie Pie’s

Sweetie Pie’s

“There isn’t much that hasn’t been said about the olallieberry pies at Sweetie Pie’s in Placerville, but I’m still going to say my piece. No matter how many other pies I try, I keep going back to the Peach-Olallieberry Pie that’s a notch above the regular olallieberry. Deep purple berries and golden yellow peaches come together in this sweet-but-not-sickeningly-so pie that’s a true treasure. Try not to judge when I lick the plate clean.”

Fat’s Asia Bistro

“I’d heard of Fat’s Asia Bistro’s legendary Banana Cream Pie and didn’t believe the hype till I tried it myself. The crust is very different from others I’ve had—glossier and slightly sweeter—and the filling itself is freshness personified. The heaped whipped cream is homemade (not that artificial store-bought stuff), and the custard between the just-ripe-enough bananas is luxurious and creamy. This is the real deal, folks.” 

Ikeda’s California Country Market

“I consider myself a local pie expert and for me, nothing beats the Chicken Pot Pie at Ikeda’s California Country Market in Auburn. When I’m not scarfing down their perfectly balanced strawberry-rhubarb, I’m reveling in their savory pot pie that’s packed with the usual suspects: chicken, carrots, potatoes, peas, and celery, all cradled in their legendary buttery pie crust. They’re known for their pies, so you can’t really go wrong with any of the umpteen options they offer.”

Hog Wild Bar-B-Que

“If there’s ever a perfect way to end a BBQ meal, it’s with the Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie from Hog Wild Bar-B-Que in Placerville. Not overwhelmingly chocolate-y or pecan-y, it provides a sweet respite from all that delicious meat. I’d never tasted chocolate and pecans together in a pie before but it’s now my favorite filling. Thick fudge, spicy pecans, and a side of whipped cream make for a sensual dessert that I can’t get enough of.”

Karen’s Bakery

“Just when you thought Pumpkin Pie couldn’t get any better, Karen’s Bakery in Folsom ups the ante with a gingersnap crust. They also make it with a plain crust, but gingersnap is next-level goodness. The spiciness of the crust doesn’t overpower the earthy pumpkin filling and still manages to stand out from a plain Jane pie crust. Come Christmastime, it’s the only pie I get—family and friends have even come to expect it each year!”

La Provence Restaurant & Terrace

“The Quiche of the Day from La Provence Restaurant & Terrace in Roseville is a brunch must-have for those with a savory tooth. It’s typically filled with seasonal ingredients or whatever the chef fancies, but no matter the combination, it’s always delicate, well-balanced, and filling. I personally like the leek offering for its simplicity, but I’ve also tried the spinach and feta variety, which was absolutely delicious; and the familiar yet flavorful quiche Lorraine.”

compiled by Style staffers  //  photos by Dante Fontana

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