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Stress Less: 16 Holiday Survival Tips

11/02/2018 05:23PM

Not to sound like the Grinch, but everyone knows the holidays aren’t without a bit of stress. Thankfully, whether induced by family, finances, or falling off track with your health goals, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay on track with these helpful tips from local experts on how to survive the holidays.


1) Don’t Do It All

“Simplify any area of your life that you can and let go of the idea that you have to be a superhuman. You don’t have to do it all and be everything to everyone.”—Donna Webb, Instructor, THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness

2) A Gift to Cheers

“I usually buy medium-priced bottles of wine by the case, decorate them festively and inexpensively, and gift them to friends and neighbors along with a handwritten note telling them why they’re so special to me.”—Renae Linder, MSW, LCSW,  Vice President and Owner, Linder Psychiatric Group

3) Top Traditions

“Make a 'must-do' list of the activities, events, and traditions  that mean the most to you and your family and ensure everyone gets something they enjoy on the calendar. Then schedule those events now while you have control of your calendar. As other activities and events pop up, only participate if your personal and family schedule allows.”—Ann Vezey, Corporate Group Exercise Director, Spare Time Clubs

4) Moments of Self-Care

“Self-care is important at any time, but even more so during the holidays, so go to the gym, read a book, or take a bath. The possibilities are endless!”—Kayle Torres, MA, LMFT

5) Love Your People

“Take a moment to remind yourself that the most important part of the holidays is the coming together with the people who matter the most to you and how lucky we are to have that gift.”—Donna Webb, Instructor, THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness


6) Press Pause

“Take some time for mindfulness. Sit down occasionally, close your eyes, do some deep breathing, and let your mind drift without demanding any direction or response. Everything can be go, go, go, so stepping back once in awhile can be very helpful.”—Cary Nosler, Host, “Forever Young” on SiriusXM Radio

7) The True Meaning

“Lean in to the deeper part of what the holiday means, usually it’s based on something that means peace, joy, or blessing—which we all need more  of.”—Lance Hahn, Senior Pastor, Bridgeway Christian Church

8) Giving vs. Receiving

“Give something to someone with these two guidelines: First, give to someone who doesn’t know you. Second, give to someone who can’t repay you. Reciprocal giving is great—we lean strongly into that at Christmas—but giving to someone who can’t repay you tests the belief that it is indeed more blessed to give than to receive.”—Brad Franklin, Pastor and Storyteller, Lakeside Church

9) Count Your Blessings

“Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have to combat any negative thinking. Express gratitude for the things you have, and do something for those less fortunate.”—Therese Sorrentino, LMFT


10) Freezer Meals

“Fall is a great time for fresh fruits and veggies. Cook and freeze meals now to enjoy fall’s freshness during the season’s busiest times.”—Ann Vezey, Corporate Group Exercise Director, Spare Time Clubs

11) Food is Fuel

“Sticking to a healthy diet is a key component of managing stress. Giving your body proper food will give you the energy you need.”—Rachael Dardano, Owner and Holistic Health Coach, Internal Wisdom

12) Balance Your Plate

“When you do sit down for a holiday meal, load your plate with veggies and protein first. Hopefully your first round fills you up, so when you go back for some carbs, you won’t overindulge.”—Mark Cavallaro, CSCS, CPT, Head Trainer, Roseville Health & Wellness Center

13) Dessert Picks

“Pick your three favorite desserts ahead of time and tell yourself you’ll stick to only those. This will help with portion control and keep you from grazing the table!”—Kori Polee, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, Roseville Health & Wellness Center

14) Hydrate

“Cool winter air carries less moisture than warm air does, so it’s [imperative] to drink lots of water. And remember: Alcohol and coffee are dehydrating, so drink extra water if you enjoy an adult beverage or caffeine.”—Lauren Mathewson, ND, Revolutions Naturopathic  


15) Sneaky Steps

“If you can’t make it to the gym, find other ways to burn calories. Examples are speed-walking through the mall while shopping for holiday gifts, parking further away, and taking the stairs instead of elevators and escalators.”—Lisa Robinson, General Manager, Roseville Health & Wellness Center

16) Fitness Friends

“Find a fitness buddy or fitness support group of any kind—whether it’s a friend who will keep you accountable, a running partner, gym buddy, group to workout with, etc.”—Jodie Wood, NASM-CPT, PES, Personal Trainer, Johnson Ranch Racquet Club, a Spare Time Club  

by  Kourtney Jason

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