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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Foodie Find: Cielo Açaí Café

09/04/2018 01:05PM

1611 Lead Hill Boulevard, Roseville, 916-297-7951,

Isn’t it the best when you discover delicious food and find out it’s also good for you? I recently visited Cielo Açai Café and that’s exactly what happened. The family-owned establishment specializes in the açai berry, (pronounced ahh-sigh-eee), which is grown in Brazil and has numerous health benefits including improved immunity and digestion, increased energy, and anti-aging effects for skin. Customers can choose from several açaí bowls—including the popular Paradise or Macaco offerings—or create their own concoctions with add-ons like fresh fruit, Nutella, maca powder, coconut shavings, and chia seeds. I decided to order the traditional Brazilian Cielo Bowl—an all-organic, dairy-free offering with açaí, granola, strawberries, and bananas, plus an optional drizzle of locally grown honey. Each bite tasted, and made me feel, so good…so very good. My daughter chose the Dragon Bowl, and though the electric pink color of the pitaya (dragon fruit) alone was amazing, the taste was equally appealing. She loved the addition of granola, strawberries, and bananas and would be content consuming this morning, noon, or night. Cielo also offers secret menu items via their Instagram account (@cielo_acai), smoothies, coffee drinks like a mouthwatering Mocha Granita, and teas, as well as Avocado Toast; what’s more, the ambiance is light, bright, and über inviting. It’s a healthy hotspot that’s quickly becoming “the spot” in Roseville.

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