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The Hot List: Ice Cream! 6 Best Shops

06/28/2018 05:01PM

Summer and ice cream seem to be synonymous; it really is the perfect way to beat the heat. Whether you prefer to keep it classic with vanilla or favor funky flavors, we have the scoop on what’s good here in our ’hood. In no particular order…

The Niche Ice Cream in Folsom sells fresh-made Gunther’s ice cream sandwiched inside warm donuts and macarons, or simply scooped into a cone or cup. Though all of their offerings are sweet (pun intended)—and they have a rainbow of unique, regularly rotating flavors to pick from—my go-to is their Taro Macaron Sandwich. It combines my two favorite food groups—cookies and ice cream—and is pretty much as good as it gets in the land of frozen favorites.”

Hangman's Tree Ice Cream Saloon; © Style Media Group

Hangman’s Tree Ice Cream Saloon in Placerville scoops up old-fashioned soda shop-style frozen delights like malts and milkshakes in lovingly restored surrounds that include vintage tables and chairs, original 1880s floors, and a mural from 1945. I typically take a trip down memory lane with their Banana Split. Nothing says nostalgia like a spoonful each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream alongside hot fudge, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, nuts, and a perfectly ripe banana. After an afternoon strolling historic Main Street, it’s the cherry on top.”  

Zia's Italian Caffe and Gelato Bar; © Style Media Group

“For those seeking unique, Italian-style gelato in wild, ever-changing flavors—all crafted using local, seasonal produce and time-honored, artisanal techniques—Zia’s Italian Caffe and Gelato Bar in the El Dorado Hills Town Center is the perfezionare place. Though the dairy-based gelato (ice cream’s richer, silkier sister) is hard to resist, the lactose-intolerant side of me typically selects a scoop, or three, of their pink grapefruit lemonade and raspberry rosé Sorbetto (flavors change seasonally) in a house-made Waffle Cone. Some might scream for ice cream, but I scream for sorbetto!”

Honey Treat Yogurt; © Style Media Group

Honey Treat Yogurt has been my family’s go-to spot for soft serve since before I could walk, and it’s right in the middle of Roseville’s primo shopping spots, so it’s a great pick-me-up while out and about. My favorite thing to order is their Fudgesicle frozen yogurt piled high with Gummy Bears and Rainbow Sprinkles. The best part? The prices are reasonable and the staff is sweet. In a world of ‘pay per ounce’ ice cream, it’s literally and figuratively refreshing.” 916-781-3047

The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs; © Style Media Group

“For me, The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs in Roseville will win, hands down, every time. The ice cream by itself is deliciously creamy, sweet, and heavenly, but then you put it inside of a warm donut and the whole world just sings at the beauty of it. For the ultimate sandwich, try the namesake Ice Cream Puff with half 50 Shades of Earl Grey and half Midnight in Paris ice cream inside one of their freshly made glazed donuts with a dusting of powdered sugar perfection. Pro tip: On Tuesdays, puffs are just $2.95. Your waistline might not be happy, but your wallet will be!”

Sweet Dozen Cones; © Style Media Group

“Forget cardboard-tasting cake cones. At Sweet Dozen Cones in Historic Folsom, they offer fresh-baked Hungarian-inspired ‘chimney’ cones that are dusted with cinnamon and sugar and reminiscent of a churro. I’ve sampled almost every offering and keep coming back to the Cereal N’ Milk that features soft-serve vanilla gelato with Fruity Pebbles in said cone. Talk about the breakfast (and dessert) of champions.”

compiled by Style staffers

photos by Dante Fontana

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