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Dottie Phelps Visker: Creative by Nature in Roseville

05/03/2018 03:08PM

Fine artist Dottie Phelps Visker has always enjoyed drawing, painting, and creating, but it wasn’t until a college art instructor showed admiration for one of her oil paintings that she began to take it more seriously. Although it was her first formal art class, Phelps Visker grew up watching her mom—who used Bob Ross’ TV show, The Joy of Painting, as her guide—paint at home. Later on, and throughout Phelps Visker’s journey as a mom and registered nurse, she continued pursuing her passion for drawing and painting, taking the occasional lesson when time allowed. “Art brings everyone together—all ages, ethnic groups, counties, and diversities,” she shares. “Art transcends time and gives you what you want, see, and need.” Currently, Phelps Visker is a participating artist in the PlacerArts Studios Tour (slated for November 9-11) and showcases her colorful, texture-rich pieces at numerous local businesses. She’s also this month’s featured artist at Gallery at Marina Square in Morro Bay.

HLB: What mediums do you prefer to work with?  

DPV: I [typically] use watercolors with ink and oil markers, acrylics, acrylics/oil blend, and sometimes a mixture of all. I enjoy textures so I might add shells, sand, or crystals. I also like combining my photography and art paintings digitally into works. In the summer, I love to paint outside and utilize the heat to dry the layers quickly, as I blow paint with a straw or drag the layers with a knife. Many of my abstracts are done with music and while dancing, and you can also catch me drawing and painting around town at coffee shops or restaurants. I love to be out and about!

HLB: What inspires you and where do you seek it?   

DPV: I’m inspired by sunshine, being outside, gardens, my family and friends, and other people who are happy, kind, optimistic, and [have positive] energy. I love painting in sunny areas of my home, especially where I can look out and see birds flying or flowers and veggies growing. I also love water, oceans, and lakes. 

HLB: How do you overcome artist’s block?

DPV: When I feel uninspired, I simply go outside, venture to a new place, or call a friend and laugh. I don’t worry—I just get my heart happy and [ask myself if] I need to mingle with the world. You can’t stay home and paint day after day—without living, dancing, singing, laughing, crying, or helping someone—and expect to be inspired to paint. 

HLB: What do you hope viewers take away from your work?

DPV: I want to express myself and hope people feel the passion I have inside me and for life. Ultimately, I want my art to add to the beauty of the world and possibly give happiness to others. I also fund-raise to help with research and finding a cure for cancer.

By Heather L. Becker

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