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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Vampire Penguin: Foodie Find in Granite Bay

03/29/2018 10:38AM

I enjoyed snow today. It was fluffy and light, with caramel and bananas, and delicious. Yes, I had delicious caramely banana snow. Before you start thinking I’m crazy and should probably get more sleep, let me explain. Vampire Penguin serves amazing shaved snow, which is where I had my flurry of fun. If you’ve never experienced shaved snow, it’s akin to ice cream, but so very different. Flavors are mixed into a water base, then frozen and sliced into sheets. When it hits your lips, it disappears like cotton candy. I started with Dulce De Leche, which featured shaved vanilla snow, caramel sauce, and sliced bananas, and literally melted in my mouth. I didn’t stop there, however. I purposely brought my kids and their friends, so I could sample even more selections. In all, I tried Twix (chocolate shaved snow with graham crackers and a zigzag of caramel and chocolate sauce) and S’mores (cookies and cream snow, graham crackers, Oreos, marshmallows, and chocolate sauce), in addition to Peanut Butter Cup and Sweet Tooth. All were fluffy, melty, and fabulous. You can also create your own masterpiece—simply pick your flavor of snow, plus toppings, syrups, and boba. Whatever you choose, you’ll be saying: “I love you snow much!” with every bite. 

4060 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 102, Granite Bay, 916-912-3076,

By Julie Ryan

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