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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Brighton Private School

01/29/2018 10:51AM


Brighton Private School delivers a time honored mission for each individual who calls Brighton their school. Challenge, creativity, accountability, respect, and kindness are key for students, families and staff. Our school community creates an environment rich in opportunities to explore, succeed and fail, think critically and build relationships which in turn instill self-esteem, autonomy and an “I can do it!” attitude. Students develop their own innate talents as well as their individual interests while balancing a rigorous and varied portfolio of studies. Their personalities and abilities are celebrated and nurtured. Addressing different styles of learning, age and developmentally appropriate expectations paired with hands-on activities are hallmarks of Brighton education. Outcome: a lifelong love of learning and skills applicable to daily life!

Our team is the backbone of Brighton and provides a unique, high quality and personalized experience in every aspect of our student’s education. They build the school community and classroom communities by closely working with all of the students as well as families at Brighton. In developing close relationships, delivering individualized instruction and providing the ultimate role models for student behavior, our faculty sets itself apart delivering a level of care, interactions and academic success that is second to none.

405 Natoma Station Dr. • Folsom • 916-985-2222 •

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