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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

FOODIE FIND: Wally's Cafe

10/30/2017 11:42AM

Wally’s Café  //  Before you even get to the food, you can often tell how good a restaurant is by the number of empty seats that are available during lunchtime. The math is simple—the fewer the seats, the yummier the food! At Wally’s, those empty seats are hard to come by, but when you’re in one, you can expect some excellent Mediterranean fare and even better customer service. The cozy, family-run business is, very obviously, a labor of love. The owners are always alert to your needs and radiate warmth with every nod of the head and genuine smile. What’s more, they give you complimentary lentil soup (lentils, rice, spinach and carrots) and baklava (pistachio-speckled sweet pastry sheets)! Like I said—exceptional service. I tried their Combo Specialty Plate with Kafta Kabobs and Chicken Shawarma, and was transported to Lebanese heaven. My plate came with a generous helping of well-dressed garden salad, a bed of steaming, buttery rice pilaf, a heap of well-marinated chicken pieces and two large mildly spiced ground beef kabobs. A Lebanese garlic sauce and tzatziki helped round out my exciting plate. All of the full-bodied flavors of the meat, rice and sauces danced delicately on my taste buds, and I paused only for the occasional sip of cardamom-infused Turkish coffee I’d ordered on the side. And just like that, my meal had turned into an experience—one that was rich and nourishing. If you’re looking for a similar encounter, visit Wally’s and prepare to be pleased. 

Wally’s Café, 2110 Sunset Boulevard, 

Suite 600, Rocklin. 916-580-0850,

by Dante Fontana

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