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Get to Know Carol Arnold

10/04/2017 01:26PM ● Published by Style

PlacerGROWN CEO Carol Arnold grew up hearing stories about farm life from her parents, both of whom spent time working on farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Although raised in the Sacramento area, Arnold never lost her appreciation for a rural way of life, especially when it came to locally grown and produced food. She’s an avid home cook, and she and her husband, Ed, have traveled the world (often with their two adult children), taste-testing all along the way.

When the opportunity arose to get involved at PlacerGROWN, a nonprofit that advocates for local food producers and connects them to their community, Arnold jumped at the chance. “I rediscovered this deep, abiding love for farmers I didn’t know was inside me,” she shares. She also gained a deeper appreciation for how challenging farming and ranching can be. “There are a lot of things that have to work together to produce food supply,” she explains. “Things that can make crops fail are so numerous—weather at the wrong time, wind and rain. Farming is backbreaking work.” 

October is PlacerGROWN Month, and there will be numerous events and activities designed to raise awareness about locally grown food (visit for more information). Arnold also has plans in the works for a “mobile food facility” (a certified food truck) that will bring food made from locally sourced ingredients to schools and area businesses. She also continues to spread the word about how buying local—even if only once a week or once a month—can make a difference. “It’s not an all or nothing equation,” she insists. “Buying from farmers’ markets or a farm stand is really helpful. It all makes farming more sustainable.”    


What advice would you give to your younger self?
Take good care of your knees—you’re going to need them!

What comes to you naturally?
Cooking and a deep love for travel.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Drivers who don’t use their turn signals on the freeway.

What are you most proud of?
Graduating from the California Agricultural Leadership program, a two-year odyssey that took me to Detroit, Washington D.C., India and Nepal. I learned a great deal about leading myself well and what it takes to become a servant leader.

Favorite humanitarian cause?
Feeding the hungry.

Best words of wisdom you’ve received?
Don’t waste a worry.


Barbara Kingsolver, John Steinbeck

Bodega Bay

Guilty pleasure
A sandwich…with bread

Meal in town

Local landmark
No Hands Bridge

Joe Versus the Volcano

Neil Young

Local nonprofit
Blue Line Arts

Annual event
Mountain Mandarin Festival

By Amber Foster // Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group
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