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Foodie Find: Bad Baker in Roseville

10/04/2017 01:20PM ● Published by Tara Mendanha

BAD Bakers  //  BAD (Bread and Donuts) Bakers in Roseville lures passersby with the scent of freshly baked Spanish bread and the promise of gourmet donuts of every type and flavor. It’s a place that tests your willpower and sugar limits. Should I go for a donut with sprinkles or marshmallows? Popcorn or potato chips? Maple or sugar? So many questions, so many more answers…After careful consideration and an embarrassing amount of drooling, I decided on a four-piece variety box containing a Plain Jane Powdered Sugar Donut (nothing plain about this Jane), a Couch Potato Kronut (potato chips and chocolate make total sense on a donut; trust me), a Shorty Cake Raised Donut with a Bavarian Cream Shot (deep-fried strawberry shortcake treat with a syringe of luscious cream filling) and The B.O.C. Cake Donut (Breakfast of Champions, indeed). “You have to try their Spanish bread, too” insisted the lady behind me. I obliged, and all I can say is this: I dare you to NOT be madly, passionately in love with these soft, fluffy clouds of dough. They’re like sweet manna from heaven. From the bright interior and chirpy service, to the high quality of their products, and fun, cream-filled syringes, this place is a must-try for anyone with a sweet or savory tooth (they even have empanadas and hot dog kolaches)—so basically, everyone. On the whole, my BAD Bakers experience was an exceptionally good one, and I made sure to leave a trail of crumbs leading from the bakery to my house; you know…for when I wander too far and need to find my way back. BAD Bakers, 1420 East Roseville Parkway, Suite 180, Roseville. 916-883-2253,  

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