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Get to Know the President of the Roseville Historical Society, Christina Richter

07/25/2017 02:10PM ● Published by Megan Wiskus

Granite Bay resident Christina Richter will never forget the day a tornado changed the course of her life forever. She was living with her family in a small town in southwestern Ohio, and when the twister hit, they were forced to crouch in a corner of their home’s basement to survive. When they emerged, their home was gone—along with much of the town. Soon after, they moved to a different state, but the event left an indelible mark on Richter’s life. “It taught me that material things don’t is about relationships: family and friends.”

An avid history buff, Richter became immersed in Roseville’s rich past after moving to California 20 years ago. She’s now the president of the Roseville Historical Society, in addition to sitting on the Historical Advisory Board of Placer County and being a member of the California Historical Society and Sacramento Historical Society. What’s more, she’s the author of Walk with Me, I Want to Tell You Something: The Story of the Roseville Fiddyment Family and is passionate about educating others on Roseville’s proud pioneering history—much of which is on display at the newly renovated Carnegie Library Museum on Lincoln Street. Richter is also a member of the Philanthropic Women’s Organization, a group that provides educational scholarships for women. For Richter, the key to building a community is education, especial

 ly when it comes to increasing awareness of how the past shapes who we are today. “Roseville began as a small, tight-knit community,” she shares. “We were successful because we cared about and supported each other.”   

 —Amber Foster


What advice would you give to your younger self?
Follow your dreams, and don’t listen too seriously to those who tell you what you “should” be doing.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Disrespect for historic structures and the resulting demolition-through-neglect syndrome. How we preserve our cultural heritage is a true reflection of, and testament to, the long-term value we have for our community.

What are you most proud of?
My two daughters. They have taken on the world with gusto and grace, while maintaining their awesome sense of humor. Best of all, they never forget to tell us how much they appreciate and love us!

Best words of wisdom you’ve received?
“Anything can be accomplished if you don’t care who gets the credit.” Once it is realized that a cause is greater than any accolades, what was once thought impossible is often achieved.


Malcolm Gladwell

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Guilty pleasure
Cristal Champagne

Meal in town
A big, juicy hamburger from GB Alehouse 

Doctor Zhivago

Kenny G

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Bartlett Flowers and Gifts 

“It is not the honor you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind.”—Branch Rickey

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