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6 Favorite Frozen Treats in Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Roseville

05/31/2017 04:36PM ● Published by Style

What’s “the scoop” on the coolest places around town for ice cream? Read on for Style staffers’ favorite frozen treats that will have you chilled out all summer long. 

Halo-halo—the Tagalog word for mix-mix—is a traditional Filipino dessert that’s typically made with a combo of refreshing shaved ice and evaporated milk alongside ingredients like coconut and sweet beans. The offering at Lollicup is crafted using non-dairy creamer, plus boba, jelly and taro shake; talk about a colorful creation that’s a perfect rivalry between texture and taste.”  916-787-5335  

 “Who needs a cone when you can have your ice cream in a thin, lightly sweetened and perfectly crisp crepe? The Premium Sweet Crepe at Folsom’s T-Crepes is filled with your choice of three toppings (you can’t go wrong with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream) and a scoop of ice cream (chocolate all the way). Summer has never tasted sweeter!” 

 “Rita’s Italian Ice (locations in Roseville and Rocklin) offers a variety of frozen treats—from upgraded snow cones made with real fruit (aka, Italian ice) to old-fashioned, ultra-rich frozen custard and ‘cream ice.’ The chocolate-vanilla swirl custard is my go-to and the perfect treat on a warm day.”  

 “For a taste of Italy in El Dorado Hills, don’t miss trying Zia’s Italian Caffe and Gelato Bar. Not only is their gelato homemade and offered in a lengthy list of flavors that regularly rotate, but it’s made using time-honored, artisanal techniques. Enjoy it at their café for a true silver spoon (and dish) experience.” 

 “The create-your-own fro yo at NuYo FROZEN YOGURT (locations in Folsom, Roseville and Lincoln) is tons of fun and always tasty. They have a huge selection of classic and innovative flavors—from vanilla sorbet and peanut butter to cherry limeade and sriracha mango—as well as fresh toppings. Plus, they play throwback music videos from the early 2000s…gotta love NSYNC!” 

 “The Niche Ice Cream in Folsom makes ponchik, which combines two of my favorite things (ice cream and donuts) and is pure perfection! Although they allow you to make your own and add endless toppings for only $1, my indecisive palate prefers picking one of their on-the-menu offerings, such as Better Than BFast—banana ice cream in a glazed donut with Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Fruity Pebbles. Trust me, it really is better than breakfast!” 916-398-9800 

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