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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Foodie Find: The Fig Tree in Roseville

05/31/2017 04:35PM ● By Tara Mendanha

The Fig Tree  //  The Fig Tree calls itself a coffee, art and music lounge. They should also add “dreamy escape,” “relaxing retreat” and “alternative retirement option” to the list, because if I could, I’d spend the rest of my life dreaming, relaxing and retiring here. Upon entering the café, I was treated to an incomplete jigsaw puzzle on the right, and board games beckoning to me on the left. The display shelves housed fresh foods from Randy Peters Catering and some tasty goodies from Mama T’s. I got the Bowl of Soul that, true to its name, was a cup of soul-soothing goodness. The description reads: “chamomile tea seeped in milk with honey on the bottom.” That’s local honey we’re talking about, and tea from a vendor who knows their stuff. I also got the Five Star Brownie (yep, it’s worth five stars), and sat in one of the many eclectic chairs and couches that make small nooks around the space for perusing art on the walls, watching musicians on stage, or just enjoying the essence of what can only be described as an urban oasis masquerading as a coffee lounge. The folks who run the place are dedicated to their craft too, and are careful with what they use in their offerings. For instance, they didn’t like how a store-bought lavender syrup tasted, so they made their own—from lavender plants in their garden. If that’s not attention to detail, I don’t know what is. Seriously though, when can I move in? 

The Fig Tree, 222 Vernon Street, Roseville. 916-771-7010.

By Tara Mendanha // Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

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