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5 Ways to Create a Menswear-Inspired Space

05/31/2017 04:36PM ● By Style

Whenever we begin a new project at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, we make sure we understand the client’s story—their hobbies, where they’ve traveled and what inspires them. By delving into their backstories, we’re able to unearth design inspiration and create a space they can’t wait to call home. 

Our latest project installation took us on a menswear-inspired journey. Residing in Roseville, the homeowners are a well-traveled, worldly couple who love inspiring architecture and historic monuments. Their favorite destinations all have one thing in common: a touch of menswear. 

Mostly seen in fashion, menswear lends tailored cuts, structured details and classic silhouettes to interior design—a look our clients loved the idea of implementing into their home.    

To create a cool, menswear-inspired space of your own, follow these five simple rules.


1 Pick an anchoring hue

This tip is great for any space being styled, but selecting a color to kick off the project is the simplest way to adhere to your inspiration. We selected a beautiful navy tone as our anchoring hue then weaved in accent colors and metallic details to balance the deep, dark tone. 

2 Add architectural elements

Menswear, in fashion and design, is inspired by structure—clean lines, simple silhouettes and sturdy composition. To give the different spaces in the home more dimension, we selected furnishings with architectural details, like a desk with strong wooden legs, a coffee table with metal accents, and drawings, maps and architectural renderings as artwork to add a vintage, masculine vibe.

3 Take texture up a notch

One of our favorite ways to add dimension to a design is with texture. Even if our project only calls for a monochromatic look or a few key colors, we sprinkle in textures like nubby knits, natural fibers like seagrass or jute, and soft leather and suede. With menswear, the focus is on warm yet contemporary consistencies like a tufted area rug, buttery leather sofa and hide-covered stools. The juxtaposition of cozy fabrics with a simple color palette and architectural elements creates the perfect masculine backdrop.


4 Add balance with feminine finishes

While the menswear look is heavily focused on masculine details, colors and textures, it can begin to look too heavy or overwhelming. To add softness, sprinkle in more feminine finishes like mirrored elements, metallic accents and cooler tones like blush. While a masculine look is still the overall goal, it should be softened and complemented by fresh, delicate colors and finishes.

5 Personalize it

There’s no better way to put a cherry on top of a design project than with personalized elements. This couple loves vintage motorcycles, so we selected artwork showing off the anatomy of a vintage bike, and other prints featuring drawings and sketches inspired by motorcycles to complete the home’s design. These simple additions help make the space truly feel like home.


Kerrie L. Kelly is an interior designer who has created several model homes in Northern California. See her latest set by Elliott Homes in Roseville or online at

Home photos by Brian Kellogg, photo of Kerrie L. Kelly by Dante Fontana

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