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7 Benefits of Indoor Cycling for Folsom, Roseville and El Dorado Hills Readers

03/29/2017 01:03PM ● Published by Kourtney Jason

TrueNorth Cycling Studio

 SoulCycle, Peloton, Flywheel—you’ve likely heard your gym-fanatic friends talking about these trendy gyms that specialize in spin classes…but what exactly is indoor cycling? This form of group exercise uses a stationary bicycle with a weighted flywheel to perform cardiovascular exercise, explains Sharon Thompson, owner of fitRIDE in El Dorado Hills. “The frequency [with which] someone should perform indoor cycling depends on their goals,” she continues. Though safe to do every day and good for most ages, Thompson does advise that individuals with hypertension, and pregnant women, should consult their doctor before participating. As you may have noticed, indoor cycling has recently grown in popularity. And it’s no surprise why.

It’s an efficient way to exercise.

“In one, 45-minute fitRIDE class, the average calorie burn is over 450—depending on the participant’s effort,” Thompson says. “In our fast-paced, over-scheduled lives, squeezing in a workout can be difficult, so [it's important] to make it count.”

It’s low-impact.

Nicole Prine, co-founder of TrueNorth Cycling Studio in Folsom, says you can see the cardio and physical benefits of cycling in a short amount of time. “Indoor cycling is a low-impact workout,” she continues. “Although the instructor leads the class, each rider can moderate his/her own workout using resistance, making it suitable for almost anyone at any fitness level.”

You’ll build endurance.

“[Classes] focus on building endurance and strength using intervals and resistance,” Thompson says. “FitRIDE's program also incorporates core work and weights for an effective full-body workout.”

It’s good for heart health.

Cycling for 45 minutes or more will keep your heart rate well within a vigorous range; and with continuous cardiovascular activity, you’ll be able to lower your risk of heart disease. “Participants of all ages can ride long-term,” Thompson says. “It offers a great cardiovascular workout for good heart health.”

It’s easy to combine with other exercises.

“It’s important to balance cardio exercise with strengthening and stretching exercises, like barre—which is a strengthening and lengthening workout, and uses isometric training based on ballet and Pilates movements—or yoga,” Prine says. 

You’ll sleep better.

With most exercise routines, you’ll notice that it helps to improve the quality of your sleep each night. Indoor cycling will help you sleep better and improve your overall well-being, Prine says.

Goodbye stress!

“There are different types of indoor cycling classes,” Prine says. “We ride to the beat of the music and keep the studio dark so that [students] can tune into their ride and out of their head.”   


2023 Vine Street, Suite 105, El Dorado Hills, 916-467-4575
$25 for three classes (new riders only)

TrueNorth Cycling Studio
220 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 150, Folsom, 916-467-7677
$15 first-time riders; $20 per class

6610 Folsom-Auburn Road, Suite 1, Folsom, 916-293-9437
$22 per class

2750 East Bidwell Street, Suite 150, Folsom, 916-805-5852,
$20 per class

CycleBar Roseville
701 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite 190, Roseville,
$24 per class; ride for free during their grand opening from May 4-14

By Kourtney Jason // TrueNorth photo courtesy of TrueNorth Cycling Studio. FitRIDE photos by Matt Salvo

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