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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Readers’ Choice Award Winners: People and Places of Roseville, Rocklin and Granite Bay

06/28/2016 04:45PM ● By David Norby

Style readers voted, and the results are in! Check out the list of top people and places—from medical professionals and fitness experts to bartenders, wineries and more—that our region has to offer. Maybe you’ll find your favorites, or discover new local gems to check out.


Favorite Waitperson

1. Thomas Kam at Yard House

2. Julie Figueroa at Land Ocean New American Grill

3. Kristin Aguilera at Scoreboards Pizza and Grill

Favorite Chef

1. Taro Arai at Mikuni

2. Darren Thompson at Dingus McGee’s

3. Jesse Mendoza at Rubino’s Ristorante

A very close #4: Corey Belanger at Paul Martin’s American Grill

Favorite Museum

1. Maidu Museum & Historic Site

2. Roseville Utility Exploration Center

3. Roseville Telephone Museum

Favorite Martial Arts Instructor

1. Amitis Pourarian at The Studio Martial Arts & Fitness

2. Chad Shepherd at Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts

3. Charlie Espinoza at West Coast Martial Arts

Favorite Dance Instructor

1. Robin Bartholomew at Northern California Dance Conservatory

2. Donna Webb at THE STUDIO Martial Arts and Fitness

3. Valerie Rush at Vertical Fitness (awarded posthumously)

A very close #4: Derek Troy at Dance Elite All Stars

Favorite Yoga Instructor

1. Ellen Perjanik at Roseville Health & Wellness Center

2. Julie Sutherland at Fitness by Jamee Pau

3. Donna Webb at The Studio Martial Arts and Fitness

Favorite Pilates Instructor

1. Diane Pascua at Life Time Athletic

2. Dawn Niemi at Roseville Health and Wellness Center

3. Tara Shea at Johnson Ranch Racquet Club


Favorite Winery

1. Wise Villa Winery

2. Lone Buffalo Vineyards

3. Casque Wines/Le Casque


Favorite Bartender

1. Paige Flynn at Paul Martin's American Bistro

2. Tony Molina at Hawks 

3. Shamra Brown at Land Ocean New American Grill

Favorite Acupuncturist

1. Gregory Brown, LAc at Roseville Acupuncture

2. Lin Pan, MD at Pan Acupuncture and Herb

3. David Cherry OMD, LAc at Acupuncture Fertility Specialists

Favorite Chiropractor

1. Scott Warren, DC

2. Jared Thomas, DC

3. Shannon McIlnay, DC

Favorite Mental Health Professional

1. Shelley Balla-Hawkins, MS

2. Renae Linder, MSW, LCSW

3. Ashlee Janzen, MS, MFTI

Favorite Physical Therapist

1. Kristin Wetter at Sacramento Spine and Physical Therapy

2. Quinn McArthur at Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy

3. Bryan Phillips at Sacramento Spine and Physical Therapy

Favorite General Practitioner

1. Linda Agresti, DO

2. Richard Lichti, MD

3. John Doolittle, MD


Favorite Casino

1. Thunder Valley Casino Resort

2. Peppermill Casino Resort

3. Red Hawk Casino


 Favorite Personal Trainer

1. Mark Cavallaro at Roseville Health and Wellness Center

2. Jamee Pau at Fitness by Jamee Pau

3. Tiffany Ferguson at Elite Athletics

Favorite Doctor

1. Raymond Turnure, MD

2. Charles McCrory, MD, DC

3. William Jornlin, MD

Favorite Pediatric Dentist

1. Lora Foster Rode, DDS at Rocklin Pediatric Dentistry

2. Cindy Weideman, DDS at Weideman Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

3. Monica Tavallaei, DDS at Make a Smile Children’s Dental, Orthodontics and Endodontics

 Favorite Local Artist

1. Gayle Rappaport-Weiland

2. Kristina Letson

3. Ann Ranlett

A very close #4: Deidre Trudeau

Favorite Dermatologist

1. Scott Hearth, MD

2. Artur Henke, MD

3. Christopher Ha, MD

A very close #4: Robert Hargrove, MD


Favorite Eye Doctor

1. Lauren Van Winkle, OD

2. Veronica Barber, OD

3. Julie Thornton, OD

Favorite Pharmacist

1. Janell Jones at Sierra Coumpounding Pharmacy

2. Puja Khana at Remedy RX Pharmacy

3. Havy Nguyen at H&H Pharmacy

Favorite Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures

1. Arnold C. Almonte, DO

2. Nalini Prasad, MD

3. Celia Remy, MD, PC

A very close #4: Scott Hearth, MD

Favorite Plastic Surgeon

1. Arnold C. Almonte, DO of the Almonte Center

2. Dr. David Kaufman of Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery

3. Dr. Kenneth Sumida of Nuance Cosmetic Surgery

Favorite Pediatrician

1. Angelica Ha, MD

2. Lenbert Wong, MD

3. William Warden, MD


Favorite Veterinarian

1. Robert A. Mansfield, DVM

2. Bruce Carstens, DVM

3. Peter Vellutini, DVM

Favorite Dentist

1. Firas Nassif, DMD

2. Kasi Franck, DDS

3. Fredrick Correa, DDS

Favorite Oral Surgeon

1. Gregory Olsen, DDS

2. TIE: Kenneth Wong, DDS and Michael Mullen, DDS

3. Gregory Pluckhan, DDS

Favorite Orthodontist

1. Mark H. Holt, DDS, MS

2. Dwight Miller, DDS

3. TIE: Marc Dunn, DDS and Alexis Lyons, DDS

 Favorite Spiritual Leader

1. Ray Johnston at Bayside Church (Granite Bay Campus)

2. Lance Hahn at Bridgeway Christian Church

3. Greg Fairrington at Destiny Christian Church

Favorite Teacher

1. Duane Calkins at George A. Buljan Middle School

2. Greg Carson at Loomis Basin Charter

3. Angie Tennison at St. Albans Country Day School


Favorite Makeup Artist

1. Lea Buehler at BGorgeous

2. Carly Summers at Roseville Dermatology

3. Jenifer Haupt at I Make Beautiful

Favorite Local Hero

1. Officer Nathan Taylor (awarded posthumously)

2. Roseville policemen and firefighters

3. Scott Alvord


Favorite Facialist

1. Noki Ellison at Atrium Salon Spa

2. Nikki Mann at Laser Esthetica

3. Dawn Wilson at Granite Bay Dermatology

A very close #4: Bettina Blackmon at Tru Reflections by Bettina

Favorite Local Businessperson

1. Scott Alvord at Advanced Development Concepts, LLC

2. Brad Romero at Ben’s Barketplace

3. Deb Manley at Pairings

Favorite Local Athlete

1. Jamee Pau

2. Summer Sanders

3. Shannen Park

Favorite Civic Leader

1. Gina Garbolino

2. Scott Alvord

3. Carol Garcia

Favorite Annual Event

1. Downtown Tuesday Nights

2. Hot Chili and Cool Cars


Favorite Local Musician/Band

1. Lincoln Brewster

2. Dean-o-Holics

3. Ant Bee Band

Favorite Place to Volunteer

1. Placer SPCA

2. Bayside Church

3. My Mother’s Voice

A very close #4: Placer Food Bank

Favorite Real Estate Agent

1. Mimi Nassif

2. Jeff Anderson

3. Jessica Horton

Favorite Athletic Coach

1. Greg Benzel at Rocklin High School

2. Jeff Wolf at Woodcreek High School

3. Mark Bowman at Woodcreek High School

Favorite Hair Stylist

1. Melissa Stahl at Studio M2

2. Heather Warden at 18/8 Fine Men’s Salon

3. Amy Breshears at Studio A Hair Designs

Favorite Massage Therapist

1. Renee VonFeldt at Roseville Health and Wellness Center

2. Natasha Andreyeva at Dolce Vita Day Spa

3. Chene Watson at Chene Watson Massage


Favorite Farmers’ Market

1. Foothill Farmers’ Market at Roseville Whole Foods Market at The Fountains

2. Denio’s Farmers Market and Swap Meet

3. Foothills Farmers’ Market in the Old Town Auburn courthouse parking lot

Favorite Art Gallery

1. Blue Line Arts

2. Auburn Old Town Gallery

3. Art League of Lincoln

Favorite Accountant

1. Karen Peak, CPA

2. Charles Carothers, CPA

3. Fred Crooks, CPA

Favorite Attorney

1. Lynn Dean

2. Roger Linn

3. Kent Meyer

Favorite Barber


1. Sam at Barber Sam’s

2. Court Dingwall at 18/8 Fine Men’s Salon

3. Hunter at Hunter’s Barber Shop

Favorite Mall/Shopping Center

1. Westfield Galleria at Roseville

2. Fountains at Roseville

3. Downtown Historic Roseville

Favorite Wedding Officiant

1. Pastor Ken Birks

2. Rev. Jeri Murphy

3. Lori Levinsen

Photos by Dante Fontana
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