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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Artist Kristin Provencher of Granite Bay is One to Watch

08/25/2015 01:52PM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Kristin Provencher has traveled the globe, and even met her husband while living in Paris. Earning her degree in studio art from San Francisco State University, Provencher has settled back into her hometown of Granite Bay and turned her passion for painting into a lucrative business—designing gorgeously intricate murals for businesses, theatre sets and private clients both here and abroad. 

HLB: How do you begin a mural? 

KP: From inspirations or dreams I have. I keep a journal where I sketch my dream every morning; this helps me practice my drawing skills and keeps me in touch with my creative brain.

HLB: What are the recurring themes? 

KP: I grew up surrounded by creeks, parks and hiking trails, so I feel no matter where I go, I enjoy creating natural scenes. It’s very calming and reminds me of my childhood—camping and running barefoot in the grass. When I lived in Paris, I almost needed to create nature scenes to keep me connected to my roots and not get sucked into the stress of the city.

HLB: Has Paris influenced your art?  

KP: My husband Christian Lejeau, an amazing artist as well, educated me on French art, which has a large influence. I love going back because it feeds my artistic soul. I’m able to refine my pieces so they stand out amongst the millions of artists living there. It’s the healthy competition and community of artists that’s hard for me to find in other places.

HLB: How do you handle artist’s block?

KP: Art is healing, so when it gets tough—financially or even creatively, and focuses too much on the outcome rather than the process—I just breathe and scribble or paint whatever I want, however I want. It mostly looks like my three-year-old son’s work but it allows me to connect back into the joy and essence of creative play—the main importance of art for me.

HLB: If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

KP: I’d like to be a dancer. I’m really bad with rhythm, so watching ballet gives me the chills. I admire people who can find that beat and express a story with their body.

by Heather L. Becker 

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