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Newcastle Mom Perseveres Through Tough Childhood To Make a Difference

02/27/2015 03:37PM ● By Amber Foster

Shanti with husband Chris and their children (L to R) Josh, Naomi, Michael, Caleb and Grace – photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Shanti Landon – photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Newcastle resident Shanti Landon didn’t have it easy growing up. 

Her father lived with undiagnosed schizophrenia and was often abusive to her mother. “There was a lot of heartache in our house,” Landon confesses. 

Later in life, she reconciled with him, and came to terms with the fact that his actions were the result of untreated mental illness. Landon’s traumatic childhood made her especially aware of all the children in the world who come from unstable environments. 

She and her husband, Chris (who she lovingly refers to as “Superman”), now have five children, one biological and four they adopted from the foster care system. “If I ever see a kid in need, I feel this empathy,” Landon shares. “Kids don’t have a choice—they can’t stand up for themselves.”

Shanti and Chris Landon – photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

 In addition to her busy life as a homeschooling mom, Landon is the author of Life Made Full, a blog that promotes a healthy lifestyle through the Paleo diet, regular exercise and daily meditations. 

The blog emerged after her husband was diagnosed with celiac disease, and its success (it gets thousands of hits each day) inspired her to start taking on public speaking engagements and to write 30 Days to a Life Made Full, a guide for those considering the Paleo lifestyle.

Despite all of her activities, Landon’s first priority is being a mom. “You only get your kids once, for 18 years,” she explains. “I feel like I get to have a lot of fun with [them], and to me, that’s priceless.”

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