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Loomis Musician Hopes to Release First Album in 2015

02/27/2015 03:13PM ● Published by Style

Photos by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

For sultry songstress Ariel Jean, singing and songwriting have long been a part of her life. With a home video as proof, she began singing at the age of two and recording songs on her karaoke machine at age 11, until finally asking her father to teach her to play guitar. With just two days of lessons and three chords under her belt, Jean wrote her first song. Years later, the Loomis-based musician (and former Babes4Change group member) has blossomed into her own, harmonizing country blues to crowds at local venues such as Luna’s Café & Juice Bar, Bar 101, Country Club Saloon, and Fox & Goose. 

HLB: What drew you to country/blues?

AJ: I love all types of music. Since the early years of songwriting, my music has morphed and gone through different phases as I listen to certain styles of music depending on how I’m feeling. I didn’t really get into playing blues until I turned 21. I started playing at open mic nights and finally played at the Owl Club in Roseville, where I met some amazing musicians. The owners love music and really supported me and encouraged me to never give up.
Photos by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

HLB: What’s your songwriting process?

AJ: My process involves a space I can go to all by myself, with a cold beer and passion! Typically I jam on my guitar, come up with a chord sequence that reflects however I’m feeling and then improvise lyrics until I like what I’m saying. I’ve written songs that reflect exactly how I’m feeling like “Take Me Home Tonight,” which I wrote for my husband for our wedding day. Other times I’ve written songs that have nothing to do with how I’m feeling—the lyrics came with how I thought the song sounded.

HLB: What inspires you?

AJ: My inspiration comes from many different sources: God, my family and husband, love and other musicians. The religious music I’ve written, however, I usually keep between God and I. I’m also really inspired by strong female artists. I love seeing other women on stage rocking out with their bands or writing their own music. Girl power!

HLB: When can we expect your first album?

AJ: Although I’ve written over 25 songs, I haven’t recorded an album yet. Recently I’ve been working on Pin Up Girl, which is set to be released later this year. The feel of the album is definitely blues/jazz/soul and has some of my favorite songs [on it]. My band and I are working on getting into the studio as soon as possible. Until then, you can access my songs on YouTube and ReverbNation.

HLB: What are your dreams for the future?

AJ: Definitely to inspire others with my music, play as much as possible at venues, and get my music out there, into the hands of people who love it. The fans are what make this experience so amazing. When I see people dancing to my music or wanting to listen to my songs, it fills my spirit with joy and makes the journey worth it.
by Heather L. Becker

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