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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Granite Bay's Farmhaus is Where Fresh Meets Delicious

02/27/2015 02:43PM ● By Jennifer Resnicke

Beef Tenderloin – photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

If someone blindfolded you and brought you to Farmhaus, you would probably take one look at the trendy-meets-modern farmhouse dining room (think crisp minimalist—white and red rather than cliché burlap) and assume you were in midtown Sacramento.

Greeted by friendly staff and seated at a table made of slightly offset planks of blonde wood, we settled in with the small but mighty menu. I always think it’s a good thing when a menu has the kind of food you would make if you could actually cook—and this one read like the recipe list I never knew I wanted.
Bread Pudding – photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group
While perusing the beer and wine lists we couldn’t help but notice a tap for kombucha, a fermented tea drink purported to have health benefits (the validity of which has been much debated). I can’t speak to its healthfulness, but I can say that the strawberry-hibiscus brew was pretty dang tasty.

Up next was the mushroom gnocchi appetizer. The pasta was incredibly soft and slightly nutty, and was just rich enough to feel luxe without spoiling our appetites for the upcoming entrées.
My husband opted for the classic beef tenderloin with carrots and potatoes, and we immediately noticed that both veggies still had their skin on (which delighted my husband who’s always saying “that’s where all of the nutrients are!”).
Chicken Bacon Pizza – photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Despite the fact that I ordinarily feel a little silly ordering pizza at a nice restaurant, I thought I’d give the chef’s special a try. Toppings included juicy chicken, red onion sliced so thinly it started to brown, and crispy bacon with a balsamic drizzle over the entire pie. I was surprised to find the goat cheese one of my favorite details—the way the dry, sharp flavor helped to cut the fat of the bacon and cheese was a show of the chef’s culinary intelligence.

When we heard that the bread pudding was actually “Grandma’s recipe,” we knew we had to stick around. Paired with a latte and an expertly crafted dry cappuccino, the sweet treat (raisins and all) was well worth it.

Farmhaus, 8230 Auburn Folsom Road, Granite Bay, 916-772-3276,

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