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Laser Esthetica

12/22/2014 01:21PM ● By Brenna McGowan

They say a smile is worth a thousand words, but lately the only thing my smile has been saying is how much coffee I drink every morning! Over time my teeth have started to yellow, and since my smile is talking so much everyday, I decided it was time to enhance it!

The perfect choice was Laser Esthetica in Roseville. They offer a full range of comprehensive laser and aesthetic services, from liposuction and fillers, to laser hair and tattoo removal. Laser Esthetica also offers spa services, such as facials, and those services also include teeth whitening. 


Laser Esthetica performs this procedure with Theraglow, a teeth whitening machine, that  uses broad-spectrum light waves to accelerate the oxidation of H2O2. In just 30 minutes,  a whiter smile can be obtained in the comfort of Laser Esthetica’s office.

I have used bleaching trays from the dentist before, but over the years my teeth have become increasingly sensitive to the process. If I leave the trays in for more than about 15 minutes at a time I suffer for the rest of the day with extremely sensitive teeth, so I do everything in my power to avoid putting the trays in these days. 

As I made my way into Laser Esthetica, which is located inside the sleek building of Roseville Health & Wellness on Lead Hill Boulevard, I was super excited about having an affordable, whiter, brighter smile in 30 minutes. I was greeted by a friendly person in the front office, filled out some paperwork, and was quickly brought into the back to start my treatment.

The process was quick—they had me brush my teeth and rinse, and then Nikki Mann, Laser Esthetica’s Style's Readers' Choice Award winning esthetician, explained the procedure and documented what level of yellowness/whiteness my teeth were currently at. She proceeded to add a paste to a teeth tray, and then inserted it into my mouth. Once the tray was in place she left me for 10 minutes to let the process work.

My strongest piece of advice to anyone doing the procedure is to bring something to read or to listen to! They repeat the 10 minute process three times, and I was very happy that I had recently downloaded a book onto my iPhone so I could read during this time. Being able to read made the 30 minutes relaxing, and the time went by very quick.

At the end of the 30 minutes, Nikki took the tray from my mouth, had me brush and rinse one more time, and then she examined my teeth to determine how much whiter my teeth were. It was amazing—my teeth were shades lighter in just a few minutes! I had no pain or side effects whatsoever.


If you are looking to improve on your already beautiful smile, I highly recommend Laser Esthetica! Check them out on Be sure to "like" them on Facebook at

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