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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Celeste Budd

11/26/2014 11:59AM ● By Style

Photos by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

by Heather L. Becker

After retiring as recreation supervisor from the City of Roseville in 2009, Celeste Budd initially found her well-deserved freedom difficult.

Like so many of us, she identified herself by what she did, and it took time to reestablish what her post-retirement passion would be. Eventually, the lifelong artist harnessed her love of teaching, and blended it with her skill of creating mosaics—from found materials like recycled glass, stone and pebbles—into her two workshops at Roseville’s Utility Exploration Center: Introduction to Mosaics, and Mosaics with Stained Glass. Budd also showcases her work on consignment at local craft shows as well as at the current exhibition, 30 x 30, at Blue Line Arts. “I hopefully develop in my students an appreciation for the care it takes to create them.”

HLB: As a young artist, what was your biggest influence?

CB: I remember back in kindergarten when psychedelic was popular and everyone was making lots of swirls. I created a picture and my friend did hers, and our teacher made the biggest deal out of my friend’s but not mine. Ever since, I’ve often worked with swirls; I guess in a way I’m still trying to make that picture better.

HLB: What made you gravitate toward glass and stone? 

CB: I like glass because it’s reflective and illuminated. You can see many different things, depending on how you look at it and from what angle. I also like stone and found items because you can mold them, making them into whatever you’d like.

HLB: How have your mosaics evolved over the years?

CB: I started 10 years ago by tiling my house, my walls and my floors. I graduated from that to doing small wall hangings with backer board, broken plates and glass. Now the majority of my work is with glass-on-glass or glass-on-Plexiglas.

HLB: What words do you live by?

CB: My motto is to, “love art in pieces,” and what is a mosaic but pieces of art that make a whole? Really, you can draw inspiration from anything and make it beautiful.

HLB: Have you ever had difficulty finding inspiration?

CB: When I’m stuck, I stop doing art and just go out and enjoy the sunshine. I do something totally different and somehow get new inspiration by seeing things in a different light.

HLB: What’s in store for the future?

CB: I’d like to possibly open a storefront called Mosaics and More. I’m also toying with the idea of starting a pop-up art truck. While watching a TV program about pop-up clothing boutiques, I thought, “Why not have a truck that could showcase my mosaics?” I would visit different areas of the city for a few hours, get people involved in DIY art activities and share what mosaics are all about.
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