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Two Students From Roseville Bring Home National Taekwondo Champion Title

10/19/2014 02:48PM ● By Brenna McGowan
The 2014 United World Taekwondo Association (UWTA) International Championships were held in Reno earlier this month, drawing competitors from across the country.

At the tournament, two students from THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness earned the title of National Champion in forms. (A form, or poomsae, is a fixed series of movements for learning defensive and offensive techniques.)

What makes this great accomplishment even more impressive is that these national champions aren’t yet teenagers!

Both students train under the direction of 6th Degree Black Belt Master Amitis Pourarian, owner of THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness in Roseville.

Miko Cooper, who is 7 years old, says she trained hard for the tournament by attending extra classes and practicing every day, including weekends. “Even though I’m only 7 years old, it feels great to be a National Champion,” says Miko. “Being a martial artist and a Black Belt has helped me in school, in my after-school sports, and even playing the piano.” When asked what advice she would give other kids interested in learning Taekwondo, she says, “Train hard, set goals, and never give up, even when you don’t feel like going to class.” And Miko’s next goal? “Winning National Champion in both forms and sparring!”

Amir Khatib, who is 12 years old, trained by practicing his form and sparring in class several times a week, as well as practicing at home. “I feel very proud of my achievement, but I would never have reached this great goal if it wasn’t for my Taekwondo instructor, Master Amitis Pourarian,” he says. His advice for other kids interested in martial arts? “Never give up and always persevere if you are faced with an obstacle. Practice as much as you can and eventually, it will pay off.” And Amir’s future plans? “My next goal is to become a third degree Black Belt and, in 2015, keep my status as National Champion in forms. But I’m also thinking about competing in the sparring division once again!”

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Post information and picture courtesy of The Studio Martial Arts and Fitness.

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