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Ask the Expert

09/30/2014 12:28PM ● By Style

Q: What does the term “extra virgin” refer to on olive oil bottle lables?

A: Unfortunately, olive oil is one of the top five fraudulently labeled foods in the U.S. because it’s not regulated. When buying any olive oil—extra virgin or otherwise—always check the label for the “crush date,” not the sell-by date, as to ensure freshness. With many specialty olive oil companies, the crush dates and chemistry of how the oil was made is posted on the label. When a label states that the olive oil is “extra virgin,” it means the oil is pure—not processed with added heat or cut with other, cheaper oils. It should not have any defects and be produced sans solvents. Again, checking the label is absolutely imperative when buying olive oil.
Deb Manley, Owner
701 Pleasant Grove Boulevard
Suite 180, Roseville

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