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2013 Readers' Choice Health & Wellness Winners

09/30/2013 04:22AM ● Published by Style

Photography by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group

Favorite Yoga Instructor

1.      Ellen Perjanik at Roseville Health & Wellness Center
2.      Donna Webb at The Studio Martial Arts & Fitness
3.      Kirk Hartwig at Sattva Yoga, Pilates & Ayurveda

Favorite Dance Studio

1.    Dance Elite All Stars
2.    Northern California Dance Conservatory
3.    Fontaine Dance

Favorite Dance Instructor

1.    Robin Bartholomew at Northern California Dance Conservatory
2.    Katie Mazza at The Dance Gallery 2
3.    Donna Webb at The Studio Martial Arts & Fitness

Favorite Nutrition Shop

1.    West Coast Nutrition
2.    Sunrise Natural Foods
3.    Whole Foods Market

Favorite Personal Trainer

1.    Mark Calvallaro at Roseville Health & Wellness Center
2.    David Young at Transform Fitness Personal Training
3.    Eric Fuchino at Roseville Health & Wellness Center
Honorable Mention: Amir Celic at Roseville Health & Wellness Center

Favorite Gym/Health Club

1.    Roseville Health & Wellness Center
2.    California Family Fitness
3.    TruFitness
Honorable Mention: Anytime Fitness – Granite Bay

Favorite Martial Arts Studio

1.    Kovar’s Satori Academy
2.    West Coast Martial Arts
3.    The Studio Martial Arts & Fitness

Favorite Martial Arts Instructor

1.    Amitis Pourarian at The Studio Martial Arts & Fitness
2.    Charlie Espinoza at West Coast Martial Arts
3.    Chad Shepherd at Kovar’s Satori Academy

Favorite Yoga Studio

1.    Roseville Health & Wellness Center
2.    East Wind Yoga
3.    Bikram Yoga Granite Bay

Favorite Pilates Studio

1.    The Dailey Method
2.    Roseville Health & Wellness Center
3.    Sattva Yoga, Pilates & Ayurveda

Favorite Pilates Instructor

1.    Stacey Armijo at The Dailey Method
2.    Dawn Niemi at Roseville Health & Wellness
3.    Diane Pascua at TruFitness

Raymond Turnure, M.D.

Favorite Doctor

1.    Raymond Turnure, M.D.
2.    William Jomlin, M.D.
3.    Diana Arteaga, M.D.

Favorite Physical Therapist

1.    Bryan Phillips at Sacramento Spine & Physical Therapy
2.    Kristin Wetter at Sacramento Spine & Physical Therapy
3.    Jennifer Slade at Sutter Rehabilitation Institute

Favorite Acupuncturist

1.    Village Acupuncture
2.    Gregory Brown, L.Ac at Roseville Acupuncture
3.    Sarah Hardesty, L.Ac at Family Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Favorite Chiropractor

1.    Scott Warren, D.C.
2.    Jennifer Cox, D.C.
3.    Gary Gade, D.C.

Favorite General Practitioner

1.    Linda Agresti, D.O.
2.    David Verhaag, M.D.
3.    Richard Lichti, M.D.

Favorite Dermatologist

1.    Scott Hearth, M.D.
2.    Artur Henke, M.D.
3.    Christopher Ha, M.D.

Favorite Eye Doctor

1.    Lauren Van Winkle, O.D.
2.    Julie R. Thornton, O.D.
3.    John M. Okamoto, O.D.

Favorite Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures

1.    Nalini Prasad, M.D.
2.    David Kaufman, M.D.
3.    Scott Hearth, M.D.

Favorite Mental Health Professional

1.    Shelley Balla-Hawkins, MS
2.    Mitch Darnell, MS, OSM
3.    Renae Linder, MSW, LCSW

Favorite Dentist

1.    Firas Nassif, D.M.D.
2.    Jeffrey McClure, D.D.S.
3.    Daisuke Bannai, D.D.S.

Favorite Dental Practice

1.    Blue Oak Dental
2.    TIE: Dream Smiles and Dental Designs of Roseville
3.    Heritage Oak Dental

Favorite Orthodontist

1.    Mark Holt, D.D.S.
2.    Dwight Miller, D.D.S., M.S.
3.    Marc Dunn, D.D.S.

Favorite Pediatric Dental Practice

1.    Rocklin Pediatric Dentistry
2.    Make a Smile Children’s Dental, Orthodontics & Endodontics
3.    Weideman Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Favorite Pediatrician

1.    Lenbert Wong, M.D.
2.    Mary Ann Ellis-Jammal, M.D.
3.    Angelica Ha, M.D.

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