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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Architecturally Speaking

02/01/2013 02:09AM ● By Style


1.    A French country estate
5.    Style derivative of classical, Renaissance, and baroque forms
11.    Short for operation
12.    Part of an overseas address
14.    Ceremonial practice
15.    Particular marble
18.    Textured plaster
20.    Any carved, sculpted, engraved or painted architectural decoration
23.    Go in haste
24.    Desire
27.    Not exactly gross
28.    Comes before verse or cycle
30.    Wagging need
31.    Tide action
33.    Wood that had an exposed-frame popular in the later 19th century:_____ style
35.    Neural network, shortened
36.    Fresh, preferably
37.    Certain dir.
38.    Liq. lunch
40.    Green ____ and Ham
42.    Yoko ___
43.    A style characterized by temples, pyramids and funeral monuments
45.    “Phone home” movie
46.    Mode of operation, shortened
47.    Ave. cousin
49.    What virtue and baroque have in common
50.    Short for grammar or grade
51.    A style known for massive walls, round arches, and powerful vaults
54.    Fence thorns
56.    Opposite SE
57.    Symbol for lead
58.    House style characterized by its exposed beams
59.    New England house with a long, sloping roof in the back and a short, pitched roof in front
63.    Give to a borrower
65.    Marry
67.    Spanish clay-and-straw brick home
68.    Not just talking
69.    Precedes IOU
71.    Extremely
72.    Cool __ a cucumber
74.    Washington ending
75.    Large Spanish estate
78.    _____ - Saxon architecture is known for round arches and huge walls
80.    Try out a rollercoaster, for example
82.    Lyrical poems
85.    A tin-roofed shack in Louisiana is known as a _____ cottage
86.    Railed area around a peaked roof (2 wds)


1.    Style imported from a motherland
2.    Horsepower, shortened
3.    Particular party-wear
4.    Mexican architecture with pyramids and temples
5.    Known for pointed arches, rib vaulting and flying buttresses
6.    Word before upon
7.    Thin mortar for tile work
8.    VI minus IV
9.    Already there
10.    Principal post supporting the staircase handrail
13.    Initials at the end of a letter
15.    Room next to a more important room
16.    Morning initials
17.    Comes before close or gulf
19.    Found in suite and penguin
21.    About (abbr)
22.    He was king by 10
25.    Called up
26.    Highly decorated woodwork-style house of the 19th century
29.    Nickel symbol
32.    Apartment building faced with dark-colored sand substance
33.    Understand
34.    Something to go fly
39.    Common link between revival and vision
40.    Follows em
41.    Sesame ending (abbr)
44.    Stone or adobe community dwelling
46.    Cuts the grass
48.    Olde form of you
50.    Surpass the seedling stage
51.    MD associate
52.    Particular gin
53.    Skyward
54.    One-story cottage-like house with overhanging gables
55.    Paid notice
58.    Brown from the sun
60.    Associate of Arts, for short
61.    Short for load or limited
62.    Type of pellet
64.    What voice and steroids have in common
66.    Futuristic style popular in the 1930s: art ____
68.    Perform
70.    I see...
71.    Garment made from a long piece of cloth
73.    Creme ending
76.    Certain car club (abbr)
77.    Debt initials
78.    Much ___ about nothing
79.    Unused
81.    Driver’s license, for one (abbr)
83.    Comes before Dorado or Capitan
84.    Saskatchewan, shortened

A Custom Crossword by Gail Beckman

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