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Ask the Expert

12/07/2012 08:52AM ● By Style

Q: Is finding an office space without hiring a broker a good idea?

A: Tenant brokers can level the playing field and negotiate to save you significant costs over the life of a lease. A tenant may be able to develop some market knowledge, but it will not be near what a professional tenant broker develops by working the market daily for years. A competent tenant broker already knows the best properties in the market, the market pricing, and the concessions landlords are making to procure tenants. A tenant broker will save you time and lease expenses, and you usually don’t have to pay for the service; tenant brokers almost always get paid by the landlord and are effectively a free leasing specialist for the tenant. 

Gordon Stevenson, Senior Vice President
Brandon Sessions, Associate
TRI Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc.
2250 Douglas Boulevard
Suite 200, Roseville

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