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The 10 Spot - Pet Lover Apps

07/26/2012 10:14AM ● By Style

Style recommends these fun and informative animal lover apps sure to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe.

1.    PET FIRST AID: $3.99 for iPhone and Android – Get videos and illustrations to give your pet first aid, track your pet’s medical info, and remember future vet appointments/vaccination schedules.

2.    PET NAMES+: Free for iPhone – Find a suitable name for your pet – browse more than 3,000 entries sorted by popularity among various animals.

3.    FIDO PET ADOPTIONS: Free for iPhone and Android – Search adoptable listings in your area and find the ideal companion.

4.    PET ACOUSTICS: $1.99 for iPhone – Plays music specifically designed to relax cats and dogs, giving them a calmer peace of mind.

5.    IKIBBLE FREE: Free for iPhone – Search this extensive database to find out which “people foods” are okay for your dog if (accidentally) ingested, and find recipes for dishes all dog lovers can share with their canines.

6.    POCKETFINDER: Free for iPad and iPhone – Attach the separate GPS locator ($149 at to your pet’s collar and accurately track their location. An additional $13-per-month plan required.

7.    TAP PET SHOP: Free for iPad and iPhone – Build a personalized pet store with all of your favorite animals, and watch as customers come in and adopt them all.

8.    DOG PARK FINDER+: $1.99 for iPad and iPhone – Find the closest dog park or dog-friendly restaurant with more than 6,000 dog park and 12,000 dog-friendly establishment listings.

9.    DOG WHISTLER: Free for iPhone –Train your dog with this popular, simple app that sets frequencies for your dog to respond to.

10.    RATE MY PETS: Free for Android  – Upload a cute, creative picture of your pet for others to view and rate; or, fawn over and rate other people’s pets.

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