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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

Ask the Experts

01/06/2011 06:07AM ● By Style

Q: My cat vomits frequently and we have tried alternative diets only to get the same results. Is there something I can do differently to soothe the vomiting?

A: My first advice would be to check with your vet. An illness such as inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, or hyperthyroidism could be the culprit. If the vomiting is not related to a medical issue, it could be a result of frequent hairballs or even eating too fast. If you notice your cat is a quick eater, restrict unlimited access to food and try feeding her several small meals each day. If hairballs are often present in the vomit, an intestinal lubricant, such as Petromalt, that your cat can lick off your finger might be a solution.

Anne Lesemann
Home Buddies Premier In-Home Pet Care


Q: I can never seem to get my golf swing right. What can I do to perfect it, or how should I practice to ensure improvement?

A: To enhance your shot ability, it’s important to have a good pre-shot routine. Also, it’s essential to maintain good balance. Eighty percent of golfers lack a pre-shot routine and balance, which are key components.

Walter Hix, III, PGA Head Golf Pro
Sunset Whitney Country Club
4201 Midas Avenue, Rocklin

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