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Burger Paradise

02/26/2010 11:37AM ● Published by Wendy Sipple

Photos by Dante Fontana

Burgers. They are not necessarily a high taste – we start eating them as kids, and continue to enjoy them today.

Thomas Keller of The French Laundry fame has admitted a soft spot for In-N-Out Burger, and Alton Brown of the Food Network has stated explicitly that his favorite food is the cheeseburger. But where do you go for your favorite prized patty? Our region boasts some of the best in between buns. Style visited with a few local burger chefs for some juicy details about what makes their burgers exceptional.


the counter

Kitchen Manager, Josue Hernandez

When many people seek primo burgers in Roseville, The Counter is their first stop. A high-end focus and a budget-minded menu mean that The Counter offers gourmet selections suitable to every taste. Custom burgers are their specialty, making them to the exact specifications of their customers, but they also offer premium burgers such as their signature Counter Burger.

1005 Galleria Boulevard • Roseville • 916-773-2333

Counter Burger Fixings:
All-natural ground beef, Provolone cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Fried onions, Sautéed mushrooms, Sun-dried tomato vinaigrette

Q:  What is the best meat for making burgers?
A:  All-natural Red Angus, 80-percent lean, 20-percent fat.

Q:  What cheese tastes and melts the best?
A:  Jalapeño Jack or Swiss.

Q:  What is the best cooking method for a juicy patty?
A:  Over a hot grill.

Q:  What is the key to making great burgers every time?
A:  Use great quality beef, with great quality and well-maintained equipment, and have strictly enforced quality standards.

pacific street café

Chef Mark Estrella

Mark Estrella has been the chef at Pacific Street for 12 years now. And ever since, locals who are “in the know” have gone to the Pacific Street Café for some of the best food in town. Among their burger offerings is their famous Roseville Burger. This is a large hamburger, and definitely not one for the timid, but it is oh, so satisfying!

301 Lincoln Street • Roseville • 916-782-5673

Roseville Burger Fixings:
Premium ground beef patty, Melted cheese of choice, Thick sliced bacon, Avocado

Q:  What is the best meat for making burgers?
A:  Angus has the best flavor and it cooks up great.

Q:  What cheese tastes and melts the best?
A:  American looks the best. It melts evenly and it has a beautiful glisten when it is melted.

Q:  What is the best cooking method for a juicy patty?
A:  On a hot broiler. That gives you the char, the look and the flavor that you want.

Q:  What is the key to making great burgers every time?
A:  Take the time to make it look good. The appearance of any food is the first stage of eating it – if it looks great it is halfway to tasting great.


Feast your eyes on this sampling of some of Style’s favorites.

Paul Martin’s American Bistro
Bistro Burger (above)

Bistro 33 Rocklin
Kobe Mini Burgers

Burger Hut
Wahoo Fish Burger

Crush 29
Napa Kobe Burger

Granite Rock Grill
Isaiah’s Cobb Burger

Ikedas Burger Bar
Ikedas Tofu Burger

La Provence
Hamburger Provencal

Nubbin’s Drive-In
Bacon Cheeseburger

Texas West BBQ
Pig-out Burger

The Habit Burger Grill
Teriyaki Charburger

Venita Rhea’s
Bleu Cheese Burger

Vernon Street Grill
Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger

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