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Home Sweet Home

02/01/2010 04:30AM, Published by Wendy Sipple, Categories: In Print


1. Building design
8. Particular entryway
12. Starting number
13. Young boy
14. Courtyard
15. Style of ornamentation
17. Not a Mac
18. Sleeping chamber
20. Type of painting or lamp
21. Rome location
23. What trees and breezeway have in common
24. Paving need
26. Between la and do
27. Mil. person
28. Certain treatments
31. Roof covering, sometimes
32. Requirements
34. Encountered
36. Short for physical education
37. Building section
39. Room for the car
42. Either partner
44. Utterance of hesitation
46. Type of rug or doll
47. Neither partner
49. It can be spiral
50. Perform
51. Platform around the house
53. Honolulu state (abbr)
54. Sort of carpet or haircut
55. Couches, chairs, etc.
58. Time period
59. Exists
60. Photo
61. Precedes way, stop or mat
62. Wet ___
64. Foot protuberance
65. It’s in the eye of the beholder
66. Improve the appearance of the yard
68. Type of bathtub or candle
71. That is (abbr)
72. Part number, shortened
73. Whirlpool
74. Dining room feature
75. Inquire


1. Refrigerator, stove, etc.
2. Small guest house
3. Wedding words
4. Outer area
5. Was guided through a city
6. Prefix for not
7. Change up, as a room
8. Hardwood, for example
9. Canoe propeller
10. Three ft.
11. Comfy, fold-out chair
16. Emergency Medical Technician, for short
17. Follows fire or money
19. Secluded room
22. Covers
25. Already there
29. “Oh, my God”, shortened
30. Tear partner
33. Space for extra stuff
35. Conventional; customary
36. Veranda, for one
38. Agreeable answer
40. Time past
41. ___ table
43. Lavatories
45. Toward the back
48. Old English, for short
52. Cabinets and countertops locale
55. Upholstery covering
56. Not new
57. Decorate
60. House or floor follower
63. Symbol for astatine
64. Teacher’s aide, shortened
66. Meadow; grassland
67. Tax advisor (abbr)
69. Short for Associated Press
70. Sodium symbol
71. That thing

— A Custom Crossword by Gail Beckman

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