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09/23/2009 07:13AM, Published by Wendy Sipple, Categories: In Print

Cross at this month's WordPlay?

PLEASE NOTE: The print version of the October WordPlay was inadvertently printed without the last row on the puzzle grid. We apologize for any frustration this may have caused. So, please print this web version and get puzzled!


1. Small specialty shop
5. Bread, cake and pastry place
9. More than eight hrs.
10. Bon follower
12. (see 11 down)
15. District of Columbia, shortened
17. People living in the same vicinity
20. Place to be a couch potato
22. “Much ___ About Nothing”
23. MD associate
24. Folsom and Placerville
state (abbr)
25. Sharpening
27. Last name for John or Jane
28. Place you’d find a teller
30. Nickel symbol
31. Word before cent or hour
33. Favorite coffee or ___ location
35. Certain beauty treatment
37. Went to a steakhouse or sushi
38. Playground and its surroundings
39. Place to find a BLT
41. Symbol for lithium
42. Where’s the best place for _______ dining?
46. Short journey
47. And relative
48. Half a laugh
49. Pet doc
51. Goldfish feature
53. ___ cream parlor
55. We’re looking for a romantic one
59. A.k.a. athletic coach (abbr)
60. Waitpersons
61. Performing follower
62. Retreat locale, if only for a day
63. Bachelor of Arts, shortened
64. And so on (abbr)
66. Short for Spanish or spelling
67. Have Chinese, Italian or Thai
70. That man
72. Driver’s license info
74. Gratuity
76. One who makes the drinks
78. Gambling hall
80. Give assistance; lend a ____
81. Fire Department, shortened
82. Providence state (abbr)
83. Creative exhibit (2 wds)
84. Place to find a new friend:
Pet ____


1. Champagne ending
2. Fro’s partner
3. Bit of an urge
4. Fixing of vehicles (2 wds)
5. Who’s your favorite ____ or musician?
6. Morning initials
7. What’s your favorite activity for ____?
8. Series of postures and breathing exercises
11. (with 12 across) Place for lunch away from home
12. Turf
13. Fruits, vegetables and the like
14. I see…
16. Beverages made by 76 across
18. It’s found under the cream cheese
19. Atop
21. Between mi and sol
26. Three __ __ match
28. Morning meal
29. Something to pick up and eat elsewhere
32. Extraterrestrial, shortened
34. Utterance of hesitation
35. One who works with arrangements
36. Time past
38. Does landscaping
39. Frock
40. Short for lieutenant
43. Massage follower
44. District Attorney, for short
45. Finished
50. Transit time, shortened
52. Already entered
54. Cerium symbol
55. Peruse
56. Auto club initials
57. What manicure and pedicure have in common
58. Way to go (abbr)
59. Mr. Kettle
63. “Let It __”
65. King of the kitchen
66. One in the limelight
68. American ending
69. Several
71. We try to make ____ meet
72. One with distinguished courage and noble qualities
73. Where should we go on a day ____?
75. Sty dweller
76. Tavern
77. Ave. cousin
78. Symbol for calcium
79. Not applicable, shortened
80. Helium symbol

A Custom Crossword by Gail Beckman
702-869-6416, customcrosswords.com

SPOILER ALERT...for answers, see below.

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