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Style: Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin

New Horseshoe Bar Grill

11/30/2008 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

Chef Robert Facciani put himself through college by cooking. He earned an AA degree in business management but after about six months of working at a law firm, he decided that he wanted to cook for a career; and off to Denver, Colorado he went to earn his culinary degree. Facciani especially likes cooking with seafood as evidenced by a menu that includes fresh seasonal Alaskan halibut, diver sea scallops and sauteed white gulf shrimp. He creates all of the recipes to boot. “They are not pulled out of books.” He runs a scratch kitchen. “All of our sauces, everything’s [made fresh].” 

The New Horseshoe Bar Grill uses sustainable products from California as much as possible. All of their meats and seafoods are natural and wild. “Our scallops are day-boat scallops. They’re dry-packed. We have all-natural steaks – hormone and antibiotic free. We get produce delivered seven days a week to keep everything as fresh as possible.”

Facciani describes the New Horseshoe Bar Grill as an “upscale-casual” restaurant. He explained that people usually don’t come in suits and ties. “We’re more of a day-to-day restaurant than a special occasion restaurant.” But don’t worry; Facciani is planning a New Year’s Eve gala with a six-course meal!

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